Spring Tassel Trend! 

Hello my beauties! Today is April 13th,  just a few days before Easter.  I do happen to celebrate Easter,  but know many people who don't.  But even if you're not celebrating,  it's still a great day to dress up in new spring trends!  The trend that I am the most excited about is the bright … Continue reading Spring Tassel Trend! 



Okay I wrote this whole post and some how the whole thing got deleted!! Im super bummed out!  Does this ever happen to you?  Shame on you wordpress for not saving my draft 😦 Anyways the show must go on.  I want to share with you all my top 7 favorite podcasts!!  Why 7 you … Continue reading #trypod

Planting seeds

So I originally was planning on re-posting a blog I had posted on my previous blog (evelynglennblog).  The one about how I finally grew my hair out past my shoulders (lol).  I was planning out how I would explain why I decided to scrap that blog and go with this one.  Well I'll probably repost … Continue reading Planting seeds